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Stefano Carloni

POLAROIDSNEAKSSNIPER Kicks Collectors #5 Stefano Carloni

I’ve been following and appreciating Stefano's work - aka Mr Tuft - for some years now. Thanks to his vision, closer to the one of a stylist more than a photographer, he managed to carry on a brand new aesthetic with a focus on the street culture, through the photo reports he shots during fashion week.


I had the pleasure to meet him during my first Paris women’s fashion week one year ago, and since then a friendship was born. We’re now a crew, which includes also another photographer called Nicholas.



Name: Stefano Carloni

Age: 23

Profession: Photographer

IG: mr_tuft

City: Milan   


#1 What’s the origin of your passion for sneakers and when was it born?

I think my passion for sneakers was born when I was a child, when, at the end of the '90s, I used to see the older boys wearing only Nike Air Max 97 and TN. I always chose a pair of Nike rather than a pair of Geox.

#2 What’s your favourite sneaker brand? 


#3 What’s your dream sneaker? Imagine you can create the perfect collaboration.  

My dream sneaker could be a revisited Nike Cortez, with technical and modern materials like the “Salomon”, maybe waterproof, considering I never wear mine during a rainy day. Nike tried a similar model with the Cortez Flywire some years ago, but the result was not the best.

#4 What’s your favourite emergent sneaker brand?

I don’t follow and I don’t like the new sneaker brands around, but I think Sunnei created nice sneakers for next season. Many brands which start from clothing lines and then create sneakers, almost always copy bigger brands. Sunnei have managed to create original models. 


Stefano's sneakers:

#1 Nike Cortez

#2 Nike Air Challenge Hot Lava

#3 New Balance 990

#4 Nike Air Max 2016