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Moscow City Palace

Hypebeast editorial feat. Sasha Masiuk

Moscow City Palace
Hypebeast editorial feat. Sasha Masiuk
Moscow City Palace Hypebeast editorial feat. Sasha Masiuk

Hypebeast has recently partnered with one of Moscow's streetwear boutique par excellence, Kuznetsky Most 20, for an incredible editorial that highlights some of the most wanted streetwear pieces of the season: Gosha RubchinskiyRaf SimonsVetements and Nasir Mazhar

The protagonist of the shots is Sasha Masiuk, young Russian tattoo artist who divides her time between her Moscow and St. Petersburg studios.

Our friends from Hypebeast met her, and here's what we found out from their interview:

#1 How did you get started with tattooing?

I started tattooing just three years ago when my husband Pavel Dovgal gave me a tattoo machine as a gift. My first tattoo was made for him. Then step-by-step, I began to learn by myself and did a lot of tattoos at home. Now I have my own Sashatattooing Studios in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and the best team ever some of the tattoo artists are my apprentices and work with a similar technique.

#2 How would you say that your tattoos tie into your fashion style and how you represent yourself as an artist?

I really love black and monochrome looks and I work only with black ink. Geometry and lines also attract me. I think my personal style is recognizable in my art and illustrations. Both clothes and tattoos are supposed to crown the image of a person. I really love simple but detailed illustrations and you can feel the parallel with clothes: I love minimalistic cuts and good quality materials.

#3 You posted a picture of a pretty impressive sneaker collection on IG a while back. Would you describe yourself as a sneakerhead? What are some of your favorite pairs?

I dont consider myself a sneakerhead but I definitely love sneakers and check all of the new collaborations. One of my recent favorites is a collaboration between Reebok and Kendrick Lamar. Its the most comfortable pair Ive ever owned. Also a collaboration between adidas and YOHJI YAMAMOTO is in my sneaker collection, and I love the Reebok Insta Pump.