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Domenico Formichetti

POLAROIDSNEAKSSNIPER Kicks Collectors #4 Domenico Formichetti

I met Domenico during the latest Milano fashion week in January thanks to Stefano Carloni (a.k.a Mr Tuft), a close friend of mine. Besides being a big passionate of the sneaker culture - passion we share - Domenico is also a great creative mind, reason which led me to choose him as protagonist of the forth episode of Kicks Collectors.



Name: Domenico Formichetti

Age: 22

Profession: Graphic Designer & Stylist

IG: dformichetti

City: Milano 


#1 What’s the origin of your passion for sneakers and when was it born?

It was born more or less in 2009. I made a trip to NYC and I discovered Flight Club (iconic shop, also based in LA). At first it wasn’t really a passion, but I liked the idea to wear rare models and have a different style from my classmates and friends. Over the years it became a little passion.

#2 What’s your favorite sneaker brand? 

For me is a battle between adidas and Vans, I always worn Vans since when I was very young, but nowadays adidas is becoming more and more my favourite one.

#3 What’s your dream sneaker? Imagine you can create the perfect collaboration. 

I would love to see a collaboration between Vans and Stone Island, it could be nice to see on which model they would work and which materials they would use.

#4 What’s your favorite emergent sneaker brand?

Among the new brands I currently follow Filling Pieces and Casbia, they are new but they have good quality, with no doubts better then the last 6 months of Jordan releases LOL. 


Domenico's Sneakers

#1 Yeezy Boost 350

#2 Supreme x Vans Era "Motion Logo"

#3 Raf Simons x adidas Ozwegoo 2

#4 Palace x adidas Pro Boost light blue