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Interview with Gilda Ambrosio

Attico Interview with Gilda Ambrosio

What happens when two friends – both street style icons – decide to found their own fashion brand?

It happened to Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordiniwho, in the past months, have been working secretly to launch Attico, which will debut this Thursday on the occasion of Milan Women’s Fashion Week. The girls have tried to funnel into their brand the strong points of their personal style, with an eclectic and polished result.

In this interview Gilda unveils us what has gone on behind the scenes of the project.

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#1 You both collaborate with different fashion brands. Where does the desire to give life your own project come from?

We realised that, even if we liked the things we could find around, they never reflected our style 100%. With Attico we wanted to express ourselves in the best possible way.

#2 Why “Attico”?

We were in New York when we had the idea for the project. The “attico” (Italian word for Penthouse) is the place where the women we drew inspiration from live, it's the ideal place to live and nurture one's interests. 

#3 Besides having created Attico together, you’re most of all friends. How was working together?

We’ve been friends for about five years now, but we’ve always been focused on different projects. When we started working on Attico we were a bit scared we would have had different views, but we've found out our ideas were complementary and we have been able to learn from each other.

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#4 How did your personal style influence your brand?

I love working on fits and silhouettes, while Giorgia prefers curating the creative direction and represents the most feminine part. Working together has been very important because I would have exaggerated while Giorgia would have been too controlled. Our best friends who have already seen the collection can say exactly where's Gilda and where’s Giorgia, but for us it's really complicated now, since we really trust each other’s vision and it's the best of both worlds! 

#5 If you could collaborate with a successful designer, who would you choose?

For the moment we collaborate with ourselves and we keep our feet on the ground, but for sure my biggest dream would be collaborating with Miuccia [Prada].

#6 How do you image the woman that will wear Attico?

It’s a multi faceted woman. Basically, each item of the collection is dedicated to a different woman. You’ll see! 

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#7 Your first collection will debut on February 25 during Milan’s Fashion Week. Is there another city in which you would like to present your line?

As mentioned before, New York has played a big role of this project – also considering Giorgia is based there. I'm pretty sure NY would be our second place. 

#8 Three adjectives to describe your debut collection.

Nostalgic, eclectic, sexy! 


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