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The new Pucci girl

Pre-fall 2016

The new Pucci girl Pre-fall 2016

Massimo Giorgetti takes us by the hand in the typical day of a Pucci girl. From the first lights of the morning to the starry sky of the night, we see her dressed up in brightly coloured items with psychedelic prints, with a modern attitude that contrasts with the ancient charm of the city. The background is of course the iconic Palazzo of the house, constant source of inspiration for all the designers that have succeeded inside it.

The collection is a chaotic mix of archive prints and precious decorations, that together define a new harmony. The accessories serve as punctuation marks: a long and lean scarf, a tall belt, fur details, ski goggles, socks decorated with lysergic feathers and long satin gloves, giving an aristocratic touch.

Irreverence and speed: these are the key words in the wardrobe of the new Pucci girl.