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The 5 best fashion films of 2015

The aesthetic language of modernity

The 5 best fashion films of 2015 The aesthetic language of modernity

If once fashion films represented an unexplored territory – simple spin-offs or behind the scenes of the editorial campaigns to which the 90% of the budget of a project was entrusted – today the major fashion brands have widely revaluated the role of this communication instrument, turning it into the freshest and more captivating artistic frontier of the season.

Combination between cinema and fashion, glossy magazines and engaging narration, the fashion film represents the aesthetic language of modernity: no more static images inserted among the pages of a successful magazine, but real stories in movement. The models don’t pose motionless in front of a camera anymore: now they dance, the wink, they love and hate.

No more static beauties, then. To make it in fashion you need cinematographic qualities, peculiar features, outstanding personality: the characteristics that mark the fashion system today and that were once the prerogative of actors and television personalities. Besides telling stories – and highlighting the qualities of this new generation of mannequins – fashion films have the merit of animating the products of a collection, to show them at 360 degrees, in all their aspects.

The choice of a specific director, a certain location and a precise soundtrack contribute to affirm and consolidate the identity of a brand, a fundamental process to stand out among the copious competition on the fashion market of 2015.

To turn everything we said into reality, have a look at the 5 fashion films of the year we selected for you, and then tell us if a photo campaign has ever given you the same emotions.


#1 Gucci Cruise 2016 campaign by Glen Luchford


#2 Miu Miu “Subjective Reality” by Steven Meisel


#3 Rolling with Emilio Pucci” by Edward Housden


#4 Proenza Schouler “Legs are not doors” by Harley Weir


#5 Mia Goth x Dazed Magazine by Ben Toms