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You can live without Facebook

You can live without Facebook

If you think that a life without Facebook is not possible, well, you're sadly, sadly wrong. Generation Z, which includes teens born between 1996 and 2010, proves the opposite by deleting their own accounts starting a social media revolution.

Jaden Smith was one of the first to release the first seeds in the air deleting his Twitter account – but then reopened it – last May, beginning a general reflection on the meaning of online life. This Phenomenon just spread around like wildfire, to the point of engaging even Lena Dunham, who abandoned her Twitter profile about a week ago – now it is managed by her team – because of the amount of insults she was receiving.

Why do we take such a drastic decision? And trust me, I'm not exaggerating when i say “drastic”, thinking of how social media became influential in our lives.

The first reason is the need for privacy that only the offline can guarantee, defending our personal life and public image. Social media, in fact, are now a continuous threat to our privacy which has become an easy target for prying eyes, bigmouths and, above all, for friends who lost the sense of moderation.

Another reason is a near-pathological obsession that social media can cause. Some Generation Z guys got interviewed about jealousies and obsessions coming from their online activities, so that they decided to live without them.

Don't they remind you somebody else, for example, you? It's pointless trying to deny how important a Like on Facebook can be or how a Instagram picture of a total stranger can influence us. Whether you like it or not, social media are now relevant in our life and in how we perceive reality and ourselves. Do you think I'm exaggerating facts? Maybe, but reality is not that far.

Generation Z figured this all and it has already had enough of this game, maybe because they were born in the peak of media overexposure. There is the will to retain for ourselves some daily moments, not to be affected by well-orchestrated perfect online lives and, above all, there is a revaluation of the importance of social media.

If you get sleepless nights counting Likes on your Facebook pictures, or you only communicate in 140 characters, well, maybe you should follow the example of Generation Z and blow off some steam.