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Chanellizing the world

King Karl’s accessories and their inspirations

Chanellizing the world King Karl’s accessories and their inspirations

Creating fantastic (and very expensive) sceneries seems to have become the diktat on which the collections of brands such as Chanel and Moschino are based on. To make themselves noticed among the events of the dense calendar of fashion week, the major brands have learnt how to make themselves talked about investing their seasonal budget in huge locations set up with amazing scenic designs.

Not only dresses, then: in order to make a successful collection it is important the way it is “told” to the viewer, communicating its aesthetic thanks to the things that surround it.

After Moschino’s colourful car wash in Milan, yesterday morning in Paris it was Chanel’s turn, which turned the Grand Palais into an authentic airport. It is not the first time King Karl “Chanellizes” the places emblem of everyday life for his shows: you all remember the Chanel Supermarket of the AW14 collection, the Brasserie Chanel of the AW15 one and the Casinò of the Haute Couture last June.

Every collection creates a series of unforgettable accessories, sometimes difficult to match with the daily wardrobe, but absolutely brilliant for the idea behind them: transforming every day objects into must-have accessories.


Chanel’s helmet Spring 2002 vs Sophie Marceau in La Boum II (1982)


Chanel’s vinyl Spring 2004 vs Françoise Hardy’s vinyl from the 60s


Chanel’s tennis racket Spring 2008 vs Il Giardino dei Finzi Contini (1970)


Chanel’s supermarket Fall/Winter 2014 vs The Stepford Wives (2004)


Chanel’s street revolution Spring 2015 vs 1968’s revolution in The Dreamers (2003) 

Chanel Métiers d'Art Salzburg Pre-Fall 2015 vs Sissi (1955)