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Watch Rihanna's Secret Garden film for Dior

Watch Rihanna's Secret Garden film for Dior

Versailles. Rihanna, mysterious and fascinating dark lady, sparkles in the night, along the rooms and gardens of Marie Antoinette's palace.

This is "Dior Secret Garden IV", video directed by Steven Klein that accompanies the collection "Esprit Dior Tokyo" and legitimates beautiful RiRi as new muse of the French fashion house.

First Dior black star, the singer, between "Diorama" bag, sequins and mirrors, in this one minute video gives fans a taste of "Only If For a Night", the first track of her new album # R8.

After Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence is now up to the girl from Barbados dress Monsieur Christian's glamorous clothes and give a jolt to a noble tradition.

The first step? A small noir fairy tale by Steven Klein.