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Rihanna for Dior

Sophistication is the way (or not?)

Rihanna for Dior  Sophistication is the way (or not?)

We are in May and we already decreed the queen of the Year: Rihanna.

We stopped talking about her for a few days, after the Met Ball, and we are here again.

For better or for worse she is always in our mind, in her last appearance she stole the show at all the participants of the red carpet at the Met Gala with a unsettling dress. Queen B is still gnawing. Then she even won the party and after party challenge, her easy success never bores us.

Now what will happen? In exactly two months from early news, the shots about  the a/w 2015 campaign came out: Dior with Riri, obviously.

The news may seem trivial, but here instead breaks a new record: After 64 years of history the French company decided to shoot with a black star. And it was time.

The project fits in Dior Secret Garden, a series of microfilm bucolic Versailles, with photography by Steven Klein and styled by Mel Ottenberg. Rihanna to be the fourth episode, with a flavor dark, almost gothic.

Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence were part of the project and reflect fully the aesthetic of Dior, or rather, what we might Rihanna? This is where the turning point, a powerful figure and unconventional can retrace the mood of the brand. It is just a give and take. Dior and Riri have created an image of miscellaneous strong impact, a synergy that works. Dior has possibly expand their audiences and going out from the logic of the classic etiquette?

After seeing the Resort 2016 collection, we can assure you that the direction taken by Raf Simons is the right one.