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Domenico Cioffi SS15 Collection

Talent Corner

Domenico Cioffi SS15 Collection Talent Corner

Mediterranean origins mixed with northern European influences are the basis of its collections. But the passion for the sport is clear from incursions sporty in his clothes.

The designers Domenico Cioffi draws inspiration from old movies and photos, look to artists such as Sol Lewitt, Jeff Koons and Frank Stella to the photographs of Wim Wenders and Lars Von Trier.

There seem distant times when Paco Rabanne dared to dress Jane Fonda in the movie "Barbarella" with futuristic clothes made of aluminum, plastic and plexiglass? You are mistaken, The SS15 Collection of Domenico Cioffi looks to the future, seems to be catapulted into a world away. The clothes are made of plastic fabrics, a riot of cellulose from head to toe. The color palette is minimal, ranging from white to black with incursions of silvery glow.

If the collection Fall Winter 2014 brought us with the mind in Papua New Guinea where the world of reference is the sport.