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Grammy Awards 2015 - As seen on Instagram

Grammy Awards 2015 - As seen on Instagram

Even at the Grammys there are thing that never change, thank you Paris! As every year Paris is still the worst dressed of the evening wearing (of course) a diamonds dress from an "unknown" designer. I think it was also already used in one of her Perfume Commercial, maybe "Fairy dust" or "Can Can" ( you can also spot them in the left corner of the pic). PARIS WE STILL LOVE YOU.

For our section "memory lane", we can't forget Katy Perry, unfortunately Mrs Perry as every year didn't get the change to tell the audience her acceptance speech. it's reported that lately yesterday night just after the show Leonardo di Caprio sent her a bunch of flowers. Rita ora was wearing Prada, Katy While carrying violet hair from 2012 @zhuairmuradofficial , maybe it's a matter of choice.  

Looking absolutely gorgeous and fresh as the Grinch on Christmas eve, JANE you did it again! thumbs up for the devil wearing Balmain Pre-fall 20015! 

Highlight and Winner of the night, Mecca for the fashion lovers and her best marketer, here's Rihanna wearing Giambattista Valli Couture. No matter Where you are from, no matter what,  you can still look better than a multimillionaire heiress. ( I'm sorry PARIS but really I CAN'T) in the picture Patrick Star reaction to Madonna's bare butt. 

We don't want anything but gray, and I'm not talking of Mr Gray from 50 shades of gray. It's because the real guest of the night were the new Yeezy by Kanye West. While Kanye West almost stole Beck's moment we all had Kim's face stuck in our mind, thinking who the f**K is Beck? But all the sneakerheads were only  thinking about  Kanye new YEY ! 

Don't tell me I'm over. We can't say anything, she was the real matador of the night, If it wasn't for Madonna the ashtag of this Grammys had to be CURCH. Katy, Beyonce and even ARIANA  gave us the perfect compilation of retired bitches singing  gospel songs. Oh c'mon give us some booties and shaking! 

Caption this. 

Is this the Solange wedding or Beyonce exhibition? up to you! 

While everything is going on peacefully , and Kim is still thinking about who the hell is Beck, Behind the scene there's the young lobby Boy from Grand Hotel Budapest wearing is best suit from Chanel waiting for his turn, my only  thought is … When all this Pharrell Williams Frenzy will come to an end?  Except for the adidas custom shoes nothing remarkable. 

Last but not least the sweetest moment goes to Rihanna saying Thank you to Jay-z for believing in her. This is the real force of the show business we wanna look at.