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Julia Roberts vs Emrata

1000 ways to use womens bodies.

Julia Roberts vs Emrata 1000 ways to use womens bodies.

It's Christmas and we are clearly overwhelmed by the inputs.

An overdose of marketing that wants to drive us and make us want to buy anything, but then in practice the implications are very different.

We shift the focus on the testimonial, in recent days we were shocked. On one side Emrata for Yamamay other Julia Roberts for Givenchy. Two different figures, two concepts of beauty, yet fascinating.

We find ourselves, however, to think along two different philosophies, the purpose is the sale but the means to get there are diametrically opposed.

Yamamay vs Calzedonia

The first thing you notice is the direct challenge between underwear brands, two conflicting ideals of women. One catches the eye for provocative beauty, the other for the innate elegance, revived by the way for the advertising campaign for Givenchy SS15 by Mart Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Women vs. Men

It then opens a gap, like to women, like to men. The choice of Emrata as the face is perhaps the simplest, extraordinary beauty attracts the males (who will buy for women) and attracts the females with a spirit of defiance. The choice of Julia Roberts in some ways is more bold, androgynous elegance that leaves stunned. The figure is that of a liberated woman who does not need to expose herself to get noticed, must please herself with clothes on. Tracing the history of Roberts, the choice is not random, is taken from Tisci muse rather than as a testimonial. We still remember the red carpet of 1999 where a matched Armani with hairy armpits, she'll see you in a precursor of feminism signed Petra Collins.


Female figures antipodes which reflect two philosophies of marketing, with implications far deeper. The figure reflects Emrata that line of choices they see Kim Kardashian on the cover of Paper Magazine. The ideal of beauty of Julia Roberts is more women-friendly, but its beauty is unquestionable.

Does the emancipation of women envolve the exposure of their bodies?

The boundary between claim and exploitation in this case is very thin.


And you, are you more Emrata or Julia Roberts?