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Dior Haute Couture FW14

Dior Haute Couture FW14

150,000 white orchids cover the curved walls of a cylindrical building housed in the garden of the Rodin Museum. The notes of Sonic Youth fill the pure white, while in this sci-fi film set Dior shows its haute couture line.

During this night in Paris, Raf Simons, creative director, takes us on journey through time and history, through the centuries, through fashion: from Marie Antoinette's crinolines to the uniforms of astronauts.

"I was attracted from understanding what is modern today. So I started from earlier times, because you can not think about the future without knowing the past." Looking back to see beyond, to what will be tomorrow.

It's a trip down memory lane of textiles and fabrics, divided into 8 stages. The sumptuous costumes of the  18th century court become voluminous, flared skirts, long Edwardian coats become minimal, Napoleonic uniform and the classic '50s bar jacket create an elegant and contemporary hybrid, the flapper dresses exchanges fringes with a cascade of resin, while the of astronauts' uniform becomes a perfect suit for the evening. Simons fold volumes and codes of the past, simplifies and transforms them. His couture pushes the boundaries of special occasions, with lightness and grace that it instills in the daily.





photo credit: Jacques Habbah