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Artillerylane - scarves and leather goods

The purity of italian accessories

Artillerylane - scarves and leather goods The purity of italian accessories

There were once three boys, two economists and a statesman, all with the passion for fashion streetwear. It's not a fairy tale but the beautiful (true) story of a young Italian brand that since 2009 sees Michea, Daniele and Niccolò engaged in a project called Artyllerylane - Scarves and Leather Goods.

So the Veronese company sprang up, between yarns and leathers chosen to create collections of accessories cared for down to the smallest detail. We're talking about garments entirely made in Italy thst recover the tradition of Italy in fabrics, leathers and craftsmanship to reshape and adapt it to contemporary trends.

Scarves, belts and key rings but also laptop cases and bracelets that report, with their small irregularities, the passion for handmade at every stage of processing. A unique thread pervades all the Artillerylane's collections, including the F/W 2013 one, which develops in a more in-depth the key concept of the brand or the combination of different materials to each other, as a result of a frantic and restless pursuit of quality materials.

Jacquards born from the combination of colors and strong shapes, sparkling effects given by silver threads, warm and soft textures and studs worn with an ad hoc with a process entirely handmade are just some of the details that you could not ignore of this collection, which will be served in a simple cotton bag, pure and authentic as its precious contents.