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Nike has rewritten the way we think about materials

Nike Forward and the commitment to sustainability

Nike has rewritten the way we think about materials  Nike Forward and the commitment to sustainability

Athletes around the world agree that climate change is an obstacle to the world of sports. This gave rise to Nike Forward, an innovation platform and process that revolutionizes apparel creation. Manufacturing steps are reduced from those traditionally used for Nike's fabrics or knitwear, significantly decreasing carbon and carbon dioxide emissions

In addition, Dri-Fit technology redefines the way we think about fleece production: moving away from traditional knit and woven processes, Nike Forward goes on to rethink the processes behind garment creation, modifying needle machines to produce superior, sustainable garments. Underpinning Nike Forward is a project aimed at Nike's culture of innovation and engagement, debuting on one of the most beloved sportswear silhouettes, the iconic gray hoodie. «Nike Forward is simply something different. It's not a jersey or fabric, but a completely new material that dramatically reduces the carbon footprint», said Carmen Zolol, VP of Innovation Apparel Design at Nike. The development of Nike Forward took more than five years of research and drastically decreased production steps by simplifying the material's manufacturing process. Instead of following a multi-step process (spinning, spinning, knitting, cutting, stitching, and more), Nike Forward transforms fiber directly into textiles through needling. 

Fewer steps mean less energy consumption, contributing to an average 75 percent reduction in carbon footprint for this first-generation material compared to traditional knitted fleece. «We believe this platform has the potential to reset the way we think about materials and apparel. It is Nike's biggest innovation in apparel since Dri-Fit 30 years ago and has tremendous potential to transform the industry in the same way that Air and Flyknit did for Nike footwear», said Aaron Heiser, Global VP of Apparel Product Merchandising. The Nike Forward material also has a lighter density than traditional knit fleece, a crucial factor in achieving the 75 percent reduction in carbon emissions. Nike Forward has chosen to debut in a well-loved silhouette, the gray hoodie available from September 8th. In keeping with its sustainable ethos, the hoodie forgoes embellishments and dyes, favoring raw-cut pegs and zero water usage.