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The fashion of the future according to IED students

We interviewed the young designers during the PÓST IED Avant Défilé 2021 presentation

The fashion of the future according to IED students We interviewed the young designers during the PÓST IED Avant Défilé 2021 presentation

Last Friday the PÓST IED Avant Défilé 2021 presentation was held in which the young designers of IED presented their thesis projects through the dance format, bringing their creations to the moving bodies of the dancers of the Kataklò Academy. The importance of these collections lies in their ability to indicate where today's fashion is heading, towards which direction its younger creatives move and ready to confront the brands that establish the italian and international fashion route by bringing their ideas, their vision.

Fourteen young designers presented their thesis on Friday: Evelyn Bressa, Luca Bianco, Elia Docente, Dara Silva Bulleri, Marco Terenzi, Andrea Annarita Mazza, Penelope Bazzani, Anna Vedovelli, Alessia Monachino, Gaetano Stea, Elena Gregori, Annachiara Zani, Alexandru Basalic and Susanna Dalgrosso. Each of them has interpreted through their respective fields of specialization the hottest topics of today's fashion industry: technology, inclusiveness, sustainability but also a return to the authentic values of fashion, both in terms of tailoring and on that of the most avant-garde and intellectually inspired construction.

The editorial staff of nss magazine wanted to ask these young designers about their idea of fashion in the future and gathered their testimonies and impressions to tell their design philosophy.

«You always have to look to the past to remake fashion – and the pandemic has left us a lot of time to reflect on our creativity but also to reassess what are the current values of fashion».

- Penelope Bazzani

«In the future of fashion I see sustainability – which is also the mood with which I designed my collection. Our society is driven by appearances and consumerism: we must seek authenticity, which is the other side of sustainability».

- Elia Docente

«The fashion of the future is a more conscious fashion. Less fast fashion and more slow fashion. We will look for better quality and more tailored clothes, able to last over time».

- Alexandru Basalic

«The future of jewelery design is inclusive and interdisciplinary. We won't talk about fashion jewelry but contemporary jewelry. But fashion could also dialogue with biology and other scientific disciplines».

- Annachiara Zani

«I think that in the future fashion will find its new roots on the outside world: we need to return to live outside, to touch what surrounds us». 

- Alessia Monachino

«Post-pandemic fashion will be more technological. By being in touch with technology during lockdown, we've become more sensitive to it. And I hope it's implemented in the clothes».

- Luca Bianco

«I hope the future of fashion can embrace more arts. I hope there can be brands and designers who embrace the arts in a common sense – creating something similar to masterpieces that can be worn. The lockdown gave us the opportunity to discover fashion voices that also came from abroad». 

- Gaetano Stea

«I believe that in the future we will take a direction towards higher product quality. Creatively, I believe that it is necessary to tell fashion with a little lightness and the task of designers will be to redefine a new, more positive imagery».

- Susanna Dalgrosso

«The future of design will be tied to community rediscovery and what communities can do. I created the collection thanks to the help of my community: all the fabrics I used were donated to me. I would like to see a synchronisation between the different parts of the fashion world – including other cultures and the people who are part of it».

- Dara Silva Bulleri

«The future of fashion I imagine alive, new, pushing high. After being locked in the house for a long time there is a desire to be reborn. We are always ready to work, we will see many new ideas and it is not true that everything has already been done because we are ready to give birth to something never seen before».

- Andrea Annarita Mazza

«In my opinion, the idea of post-pandemic fashion is transversal - a fashion that can break away from itself to become something else. After the pandemic, a community was created, a more unique and specific vision. It will be important to understand the true times of fashion, without overexpusing designers and opening us to a purer and more real vision of creativity».

- Anna Vedovelli

«My idea of fashion in the future is a sartorial fashion. The new form of fashion is that of pieces that last over time and that have a soul. Every piece that will be created will have to cross art, both on a material and design level».

- Marco Terenzi

«I think that in the future fashion houses will have to follow more extreme proposals. When we get out of the lockdown altogether, people will go back to doing everything they were denied, and stylistically they will feel they have to express themselves more expressively. Beyond the individual styles, strong concepts will prevail». 

- Elena Gregori

«I see the future of fashion as an integration between digital, traditional and manual skills. I think that production has focused more on our Italian sites, evolving our excellences and integrating them into technological development».

- Evelyn Bressan