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5 Prada accessories you didn't know you needed

From the dog raincoat to the set of bowls

5 Prada accessories you didn't know you needed From the dog raincoat to the set of bowls

By now we have said and repeated it many times: this pandemic year has redefined our priorities, making clear what is essential for us and what is instead superfluous. That may be why, taking a look at the accessories selection in the Prada lifestyle section, we feel like we need everything. Even what may seem useless could turn out to be an excellent piece of furniture, a way to resume playing sports and a fun pastime for future days on the beach with friends. Miuccia is always one step ahead


#1 Resin bocce set

Grandpas at the park, brace yourselves. Designed as a collector's item, also considering the materials used - calfskin, saffiano case, enamelled metal - the set can be an excellent gift for the neighbourhood bocce champion

Price: € 1.800

#2 Nylon dog raincoat with hood

It's impossible not to think of our four-legged friends, always struggling by walks under the rain and by the inclement weather that doesn't even allow the launch of frisbee in the park. But with this raincoat, everything changes: ok, it won't be the most sporty colour in the world, but you would turn your pet into the most stylish dog in the park. If you want something more minimal, there are also a leash or a collar.

Price: €390

#3 Playing card kit with three card decks

Prada seems to be very concerned with keeping us entertained. Now that UNO is off the table, given the friendships ended because of it, the time has come to unleash this kit, which includes three different decks of cards, in shades of white and black, even if it's not totally clear which games can be played with these cards. But it would still be nice to own them. 

Price: € 550

#4 Stainless steel lunch box

The accessory that could finally solve the age-old question of the lunch box - now that a more stable return to the office appears closer. Made of stainless steel, with a built-in fork, adjustable divider to separate dishes, airtight seal and engraved logo. You already have a Prada water bottle, right?

Price: € 110

#5 Basketball

The basketball you would NEVER want to take to the playground. Even for those who have never played basketball, the accessory can reinvent itself as an excellent ornament and fascinating background for video calls. 

Price: € 550