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Havaianas' first NFT drop

Five digital artworks designed by a Brazilian artist

Havaianas' first NFT drop Five digital artworks designed by a Brazilian artist

For some time now, NFTs, non-fungible tokens, have become the new field of experimentation for fashion brands and digital artists. In Brazil, in particular, the term is now starting to spread. For this reason, Havaianas, one of the best known and most symbolic brands of the country has chosen to venture into the world of NFTs.

To do so, the brand has chosen Adhemas Batista, who has been part of the history of the brand for over fifteen years. Now Batista lives and works in Los Angeles, where he creates and markets his own NFT creations. Through five new digital artworks, Adhemas describes his relationship with Havaianas and presents the theme of the collection as "Felicidade". Havaianas' virtual NFT collection will contain five works inspired by the theme of happiness: Happy Feet; A Step to Happiness; Happy Citizen; Happy Spring; Happy Heels

"Working for Havaianas in the early 2000s gave me a lot of exposure and allowed me to grow professionally. Revisiting my history with Havaianas, with all the things I've experienced - which ultimately allowed me to come to Los Angeles and settling here - makes me feel really happy, which is why I chose happiness as a theme. The pieces tell important moments in my personal and professional life, my relationship with Havaianas and how these stories intertwine," added Batista.

Chosen by the same artist because based in the same region where he was born and raised, Favela Galeria will receive 7% of the net profit raised by Havaianas in this auction. The open-air art museum is located in the east part of São Paulo, a neighbourhood that still hosts many people who live in a condition of discomfort, but full of art, especially graffiti

The auction will take place on May 12, via, and will run for 24 hours. The offers are not geographically limited - mostly due to the nature of cryptocurrencies (in this case, Ethereum) - and can be presented from all over the world.