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How do we talk about sneakers on YouTube?

It has been discussed in the forth episode of The SneakerPod

How do we talk about sneakers on YouTube? It has been discussed in the forth episode of The SneakerPod
Since the explosion of sneaker culture and the enormous success of streetwear, the world of social media has been invaded by names and faces who, with videos and posts, exhibited their outfits and their latest cops. Between influencers and experts, our feeds have turned into lookbooks full of photos and videos of the latest releases, often becoming a marketing medium of the same brands, always ready to push us in any way to the next cop even without our really wanting it.
Youtubers and instagrammers have often become ambassadors of trends and changes, contributing to fueling a subculture that in some cases has given rise to unsuspected marriages. The last is the one that saw Cyberpunk 2077 as the protagonist for which a capsule was created in collaboration with fragment design while some creators from the world of social media were included in-game. Proof of how now the streetwear world and sneaker culture are in total connection with that of social and digital, whether we are talking about a collection created for the launch of a game or a fashion show presented in streaming on Twitch.
It is also for this reason that many digital creators have become true fans of streetwear and sneakers, adding to their daily activity on social outfits and constantly updated releases and involuntarily becoming the first ambassadors of hypeculture in the digital world. A movement that started with names like The Unknown Vlogs, father of that social movement that gave shape to the streetwear wave that has become bigger and bigger over the years. A wave that has transformed, becoming a passion that has now joined with social media and with Youtube, leading creators as gamers or vloggers to become true fans. There are many examples, but remaining within our borders it would be enough to think of POW3R, pro player who never fails to exhale some hype item in his live shows, or Surry and Klaus.
It was with them that we talked about this, the relationship between the social world and streetwear and their passion for sneakers, within the fourth episode of The SneakerPod, the podcast of nss magazine produced in collaboration with StockX.