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The drop of Barrow's FW20 collection

The return of one of the Italian prodigy brands

The drop of Barrow's FW20 collection The return of one of the Italian prodigy brands

Creating an alternative streetwear, playful and edgy together, recognizable but very personal for the wearer, this has always been the goal of Barrow, an Italian prodigy brand that, although still very young, has soon managed to land on the shelves (digital and not) of as many as 150 retailers worldwide, Farfetch included. A goal that today, the brand founded by Dario and Giuseppe Daddato in partnership with Federico Barengo and Valerio Coretti centers once again with the drop of the new FW20 collection. Barrow was born by addressing the world of digital natives - a young generation, eager to express its individuality and above all increasingly informed and aware of everything behind a garment. As the brand team explained:

«In a delicate moment like the one we are living in, creativity needs to be sustainable in multiple ways: it must suit today’s market needs, without wasting  resources. […] we at Barrow decided to reduce the collection size and focus on making every garment unique  emphasizing the focus on quality, printing techniques and special finishings».

For the new FW20 collection, therefore, Barrow returns to convey its message of empowerment through bright colors and extensive graphics that cover the garments - as well as a bold attitude that has earned it a place in the wardrobe of Italian icons such as Sfera Ebbasta, Chadia Rodriguez and Tony Effe. The most recent novelty lies in the appliques in the shape of the Barrow logo (the smiley with three eyes) that decorate the hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, bottoms and accesses of the collection. Due to his commitment to a more careful and sustainable fashion, Barrow has placed emphasis on the choice of fabrics, the use of sustainable processes and treatments and a more human-friendly volume of production.

Barrow's new FW20 collection is now available online and at select retailers.