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Rolex unveils the 2020 collection

Submariners, Oyster Perpetual and Sky-Dwellers lead the line-up of new models

Rolex unveils the 2020 collection Submariners, Oyster Perpetual and Sky-Dwellers lead the line-up of new models

Luxury watches are a market that, over the decades, has overcome crises and fluctuations while maintaining a stainless appeal. As a durable product (and in some cases also a safe asset) and strictly based on technical upgrades always internal to individual brands, the watch product is among the most solid of the luxury market categories. Within this market in the market, no brand has managed to maintain the iconicity and exclusivity of Rolex that has just presented the line-up of the new models of its 2020 collection. Within this year's catalogue, updates of the brand's great classics and makeovers of models that read Rolex's rich heritage in a contemporary key appear.

Leading the selection, there is undoubtedly the new line of Submariner. Among these is the most noteworthy is the No-Date Sub, which is featured in a 41mm version with an Oyster strap. Keeping the original design intact, the new No-Date Sub has been enhanced with a 3230 caliber, which makes the watch reach a range of 70 hours and is more efficient and reliable thanks to the new Chronergy technology. Also in the Submariner line, the Date models are repurposed in seven new versions including a new Oystersteel "Kermit" and another model with ceramic dial. The other five models include another Oystersteel iteration with a black dial and dial, two two-tone Oystersteel models in yellow gold, black or blue.

The Sky-Dweller family has also received updates. Although the design design remains identical to the previous one with both versions of the 18k gold and Gold Everose watch, the new models now have an Oysterflex strap with a new type of closure that allows for better adjustment on the wrist. The new Sky-Dweller line will have the same 9001 caliber as Rolex, with Parachrome spring and 72 hours of range. The strongest novelty, however, comes from the Oyster Perpetual 36 line, which has not only been enriched by five new colorways for the dial, but will include for the first time a 41mm model, which will include all new colorways except the pink version, which for this specific model will be replaced by a black colorway.

The entire line-up of the new Rolex models for 2020 is already available on the brand's official website.