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The lookbook of the new Mount Sunny collection

'Return to You'

The lookbook of the new Mount Sunny collection 'Return to You'

Following the debut of the capsule collection released back in April, to celebrate the Earth Day, Mount Sunny, the brand born from the homonymous Wellness Center based in Phoenix, Arizona, presents the lookbook of its new collection: Return to You. This is the first collection entirely designed, dyed and printed by the brand itself. For the occasion, the brand has chosen to continue experimenting with natural dyes and the relationship between plant medicines and clothing that have always distinguished its approach to well-being and to organic and natural elements. For the lookbook, Mount Sunny partnered with photographer Daniel Primero and immortalized the new items in a historic 130-year-old adobe building in Tucson, Arizona. 

The collection includes several basic items, including an organic cotton Meditation Suit, t-shirts and socks declined in an elegant, relaxing colour palette. All the graphics and patterns on the garments were applied in a natural way, with ingredients such as madder root, indigo and turmeric. Sinking its roots in traditional oriental medicine, Mount Sunny takes natural tincture one step further by infusing tincture baths with its own blend of adaptogens and herbs, found in their “Body Balancing Blend” range of herbal supplements. The entire collection features cotton fibres grown in Texas and knitted in North Carolina. 

The whole new Mount Sunny collection is available at this link, on the brand's official website.