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The new "Future Forward" collection by Uniqlo U

Designed in Paris by Christophe Lemaire

The new Future Forward collection by Uniqlo U Designed in Paris by Christophe Lemaire

Uniqlo has announced the imminent release of the Uniqlo U FW21 collection designed in Paris by Christophe Lemaire. In the spirit of the Uniqlo U line, dedicated to the essentials of everyday life, this year's range of dresses is composed of timeless classics, versatile garments created for both home and work, as well as leisure. The Lemaire team has designed clean shapes and utilitarian details to create a simple elegance for every occasion, with neutral and natural colors.

The women's collection was created with layering and versatility in mind, with soft garments and fluid lines jeans jackets. The men's collection, on the other hand, is based on the great classics of the men's wardrobe, with clean and relaxed shapes, coats for the winter and flannel jackets. New this year are the socks with the addition of Heattech technology available in different lengths. While the Recycled Down Jacket returns, created with feather and recycled fabric from pre-loved garments that has 40% recycled nylon. 

Uniqlo U's new "Future Forward" collection will be available online and in stores from September 16th.