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LuisaViaRoma launches its first gaming app

Mod4 combines shopping experience and virtual interactive game

LuisaViaRoma launches its first gaming app Mod4 combines shopping experience and virtual interactive game

Often a crisis reveals new opportunities, finds new ideas and accelerates the progress. The particular period we are currently experiencing due to the COVID-19 is changing our way of life in all its aspects, including our relationship with fashion. Many people think that the sector needs new models and that it will be increasingly necessary to improve its digital evolution, allowing the customers to enjoy a real shopping experience. The same vision of the future is shared by LuisaViaRoma who, this week, makes its official debut in the gaming world with Mod4

The world is constantly evolving. Each company should adapt its strategy to the current situation. Change means strengthening the ability to be close to customers' needs and expectations without losing its identity. - Andrea Panconesi, CEO of the Florence-based e-commerce - Mod4 is an avant-garde app, said: joining this project shows how much we believe and how much we want to invest in innovation, also in the future. We were among the first to open an e-commerce, announcing the future in terms of technology and innovation. Now we want to take the next step, offering our customers a unique and interactive experience.

Developed inside the company by a team guided by Panconesi and LuisaViaRoma head of digital marketing Marco Ritratti, Mod4 merges a real shopping experience with an interactive virtual game and was conceived combining four main elements: creating an avatar, fashion box, fashion challenge, vote and social interaction. Ritratti explained:

This project  was born from passion and interest for digital, gaming and technological innovation applied to the world of fashion. Mod4 takes inspiration from the classic dress-up game concept, but evolves it adds depth, with the randomness of fashion boxes and the possibility to collect and exchange digital items. [...] Maybe is it time to talk about e(ntertainment)-commerce instead of e(lectronic)-commerce?

From Monday, the store’s users will have the chance to register to a special mailing list and create their own avatar, customizing their look, hair and makeup.  Once they have taken these initial steps, they will receive a first Mod4 box containing a series of apparel and accessories to dress their virtual character, but, during the game, they will be able to get more boxes in order to customize their outfits, share their look or challenge other members of the community in the various challenges. Mod4 offers full access to LuisaViaRoma's online catalog, enabling them to buy both virtually and actually their favorite items.