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5 new streetwear brands to keep an eye on

Sustainable, young and indipendent

5 new streetwear brands to keep an eye on Sustainable, young and indipendent

In recent months streetwear seems to have lost the monopoly of the men's wardrobe that it had had in recent years and the Autumn-Winter season that is still going on has been dominated by tailoring both outside and above the catwalks. But if the big fashion brands have looked away from streetwear, it doesn't mean that this is gone, indeed. The lack of media attention in the sector can allow the growth and development of truly deserving brands that bring streetwear to its origins, outside its luxury dimension. Before the big names of fashion began to produce graphic t-shirts and hoodie, in fact, the streetwear consumer lived an experience that was in all respects niche: a precise but simple aesthetic, a strong link with local realities, average prices and above all, a strong sense of belonging to a community or culture. All these characteristics, that a great fashion brand will never have and that instead the five niche brands that we recommend here have committed to cultivate, along with their own originality and style.


This young brand, which will present its FW20 collection during the next Milan Fashion Week, reworks streetwear according to models inspired in part by the Movimento Arte Concreta founded in Milan in the 1940s that with its abstract inspirations, merged along with a certain decò aesthetic, it gives shape to the geometric graphics that decorate most of the brand's items. Other vintage inspirations have come to fruition in vintage science fiction graphics that decorate their space-themed hoodie. Like many young brands, the production of "lea" is also sustainable, thanks to the use of certified organic cottons and deadstock fabrics, as well as genderless to appeal to a young audience that, according to the philosophy of the brand, looks to streetwear for reassert their freedom of movement and thought.

Instagram: @aleaprjct

Official website:


Behind the emoji with three eyes that is the symbol of Barrow, hides an anonymous team of creatives with  who wanted to create a line of products with in mind the generation of digital natives. A young generation, eager to express their individuality and above all increasingly informed and aware of everything behind a piece of clothing. What distinguishes Barrow's garments is precisely the attention paid to every detail – an attention that translates into a rediscovery of the meaning of "Made In Italy" and ranging from the choice of fabrics, to the use of processing and treatments until the final construction. 

Instagram: @barrow.official

Official website:

Cold Laundry

Minimalism, simplicity and quality are the words of this London-based brand that was born with the idea of producing clothing that would add aesthetic pleasentness to an ethical production, all at prices accessible to anyone. The result is a soft and linear style that includes re-readings of all the items in the men's wardrobe, from the simple hoodie to the full. Again, the most interesting items are part of the outerwear section, which includes a minimalist, pastel-coloured puffer jacket and trench with a perfect fit. Other items to keep an eye on are the CL Track 1 sneakers, sold out immediately, equipped with a sober and highly layered structure.


Offical website:


Founded in New York by a couple of bloggers, Avery Ginsberg and Kailee McKenzie, this brand seems almost too minimalistic at first glance, but at a closer analysis reveals not only a careful work on fit and materials but also a personal and well-defined aesthetic vision. Like the other brands mentioned above, Staatsballet also employs deadstock fabrics and organic cottons and makes genderless collections. What makes Staatsballett interesting are its inspirations, which draw from an avant-garde aesthetic but simplify it. Beyond the garments, whose most interesting pieces are trousers and waistcoats, the real gem is the Monument Ring, which wears out with the use slowly reveals the black diamond hidden inside the metal.

Instagram: @staatsballet

Official website:

Heresy London

Directly from Peckham, south London, Heresy is the most original streetwear brand on the list. Its aesthetic, based on ancient English folklore, is both bizarre, ironic, detailed and declined in many different versions. In addition to the more strictly graphic items, the best production of the brand is with accessories and outerwear all made in England, in a small local factory and in relatively small batches. But their proposal also extends to blankets and slippers and small household items.

Instagram: @heresylondon

Official website: