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nss Shopping Guide: 10 eco-friendly gifts

The best sustainable gifts to put under the tree

nss Shopping Guide: 10 eco-friendly gifts The best sustainable gifts to put under the tree

Why not opt for something less conventional for your Christmas gifts this year, by doing something positive for our planet? We, as NSS staff, are trying to improve more and more our sustainability in our office and during our daily life and we are certain that small changes can give a great contribution overall. In our society, many brands are borning and growing extremely sensitized from an environmental point of view, using only recycled materials and implementing a controlled production process, to avoid any type of unethical behaviour. Even structured companies have realized projects aimed at improving the environment. Nike, for example, has created the initiative "Reuse a Shoe" where it is possible to bring one's own old shoe at one of the points indicated by the brand. This will subsequently be recycled and then transformed into "GRIND" fabric, used both for new sneakers and for creating community spaces. We have therefore defined a guide of extremely useful accessories that will make your life better in terms of costs, waste and environmental impact. Go Green!


NIU NQi-Series Smart eScooter – NIU

Price: starting from 2999€
Shop here


Newsprint Jeans - Reformation

Price: 185€
Shop here


Re-Nylon Backpack – Prada

Price: 1350€
Shop here


Nuptse Ridge Parka – The North Face Refurbished

Price: $179.40 - $307.09
Shop here


Venturi Sneaker – Veja

Price: 140€
Shop here


Rollsbo – Ikea

Price: 13€
Shop here


Nike Zoom x Vista Grind – Nike

Price: 181€
Shop here


Soft Bra & Hi-Rise Legging – Licia Florio

Price: 55€ (Soft Bra) + 75€ (Legging)
Shop here and here


Tuxedo Black Bottle – 24Bottles

Price: 34,90€
Shop here


Menstrual Cups - Flavirta

Price: 19,17€
Shop here