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Marc Jacobs returns with new brand 'The Marc Jacobs'

Affordable, unisex & genderless

Marc Jacobs returns with new brand 'The Marc Jacobs' Affordable, unisex & genderless

Marc Jacobs is ready for a new adventure. The American designer who has contributed to shaping the aesthetics of the last twenty years, especially that of the 90s, has just unveiled on his profile Instagram The Marc Jacobs, his new affordable, unisex and genderless line.

The brand includes apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery and other accessories, all with a special focus on the concept of items, each designed not to be part of an MJ look from head to toe, but to become an essential piece that makes our wardrobe precious and that can be mixed with pieces by other designers. 

These objects are things you could put together in your own way; it's more a personal style than a runway look, reaffirms the creative. 

The philosophy behind the project? "An eclectic and individual approach to dressing". Inspired by music, art and pop culture, Jacobs reworks ideas, collaborations and collections from the past, updating and evolving them to take them into the future.  

It's not so much about trying new product categories as it is about communicating them, packaging them and making the experience a little bit different for this day and age. If that [means] it has to be more appealing online, or if it has to be more appealing in reality through a different form of retailing than we've ever done before ... We always put stuff out in the store, then if people wanted to buy, they bought it. I don't know if that cuts it anymore.

Four years have passed since the closure, in 2015, of his old second line, Marc by Marc, whose newly launched project looks like the heir, as Jacobs himself explained:

When [Robert Duffy and I] started Marc by Marc many years ago, we had this idea of what it should be, and it became very successful. It started out very niche and it was very cool and everybody wanted it ... it grew and it grew into something that we no longer recognized, what we wanted or intended it to be. We had to let it go, and maybe we needed to let it go in order to restart it in some way. The is structured as Marc by Marc was originally conceived.

For The there will be two main collections per year, divided into different categories, along with a series of special projects and collaborations, starting with Schott Motorcycle, Peanuts and D. Porthault.
Below you can find the advertising campaign featuring twins, photographed by Hugo Scott and styled by Lotta Volkova.

The first The Marc Jacobs collection is available worldwide in Marc Jacobs stores, selected department stores and online.