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nss Shopping Guide: Christmas Sneakerhead Guide

Find out what to give at Christmas to those who have a lot of shoes!

nss Shopping Guide: Christmas Sneakerhead Guide Find out what to give at Christmas to those who have a lot of shoes!

Christmas is coming, and the anxiety of the perfect gift begins to make itself felt. Among your friends will not miss the sneakerhead, that strange creature that owns hundreds of sneakers and that does not miss even a release. If the direct / a concerned of your thought falls into this category, anxiety multiplies. What to give, in fact, to a person who has more sneakers than Footlocker's warehouses? The solution is simple. Here is a guide to go without fail, while not giving a costly and limited edition sneaker. 


DCJ Sneaker Cleaner and Protector 

Who is Italian has certainly heard of DCJ. In addition to having earned an excellent reputation in the world of restructuring and costumes, their Cleaner and Protector have driven all Italian sneakerheads crazy. A perfect result to keep the heart sneakers clean and protected.



Private Label NYC Travel Bag

For those who not only love to travel in comfort, but also want their sneakers to enjoy all the comforts while traveling, the Private Label travel bag is the perfect gift. Your friend will no longer have to worry about his shoes being bent or ruined during the trip, which is not much appreciated by enthusiasts.

Price: from $70 to $150


Rope Laces 

If you want to make a gift that makes the sneakers of your or your sneakerhead, fresher and different these laces are for you!

Price: from $5,99 a $9,99 
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Off-White x Grog Markers

Virgil fanatic? You can not go wrong by giving away these Off-White markers! Maybe your friend will start writing his name on all the Off-White sneakers of the gang. Risky, but certainly appreciated gift.


Price: $138


Stance Socks

The sneakers are beautiful, but they become even more beautiful when accompanied by the perfect sock. And what's better than a beautiful Stance that emerges from the transparency of the Converse x Off-White? If your sneakerhead friends do not like Christmas you can also give them the Grinch version.

Preice: € 19,99 
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Krate&Co Box

All sneakerheads are exhibitionists and love to show off their best sneakers. The Krate & Co clear boxes are perfect for protecting but at the same time showing the most unobtainable grails.

Price: € 86
Price HERE 



Ikea Scaffale Lack


If the transparent box is not enough, the Ikea shelf, more Histogrammed by sneakerheads all over the world, can run to your rescue. There is only to establish if the assembly is included in the gift.

Price: € 49,95


MK Sneaker Neon

The sneakers light up the outfits and make them shine with their own light. MK neon lights do the same for your sneakerhead friends' homes. If you know them so well to know what their favorite sneaker is, you will also light their heart.

Price: $34,90 USD
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Bodega Rose Sneaker Plant

Friends with a green thumb sneakerhead? No fear! The vases of Bodega Rose are for you. Taking up iconic silhouettes like that of the Air Max 95, not only will they furnish your loved ones' house with style, but thanks to the green tuft that grows where the ankle is generally found, your friend will have something else to look after as well as sneakers.

Price: $150


Sneaker socks 

If you want an alternative Christmas sock that will amaze your enthusiast or passionate sneakers, these particular socks in the shape of your favorite silhouette are just right for you.

Price: from $37 to $42