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The real New York Fashion Week is signed by Alexander Wang

On Saturday the designer presented his out-of-program Collection 2

The real New York Fashion Week is signed by Alexander Wang On Saturday the designer presented his out-of-program Collection 2

Last Saturday Alexander Wang presented the Collection 2, at the Williamsburg Savings Bank in Brooklyn, his Fall 2019 collection, feminine, brash and strong, with a thousand hidden messages and a deep story to tell.

But let's go step by step. A few weeks ago on the brand's Instagram profile, images of the highly anticipated lookbook Collection 1 appeared, decisive and direct shots, that comunicate the importance of “be american” for Wang, presenting the colors of the US flag, the representation of models wearing the cult sports items (rugby, football, to the chearleader), without ever giving up that touch of provocation and femininity that the designer must show.

What we admired on the catwalk is another story. Wang, in Collection 2, shows the other side of the brand, the one that makes the black its greatest ally, the models seem to have come out from the saga of Matrix, and so the woman puts aside her red pompons and dresses the man garments while, with a firm step, she shouts revolution. Everything is hypnotic. The undeniable reference to the 80s-90s makes us understand more and more how the past is the fashion of the present, and so, we have to start to consider again jackets with straps, midi combined with boots, high waist and white socks.

One of the most curious aspects was undoubtedly the ability to have presented different Wang personalities in a single show, identifiable and describable, as if they were stereotypes, through a beauty and stylistic identikit:


-Upper East Side


The Upper East Side is not just a NY neighborhood but a real style. AW decided to reinterpret it in his own way, making the models wear the iconic little girl's headband but with the hair back and flattening it with a round bristle brush (said the team of hairdressers). The "good girls" of Collection 2 do not give up the screwed jackets and so they choose them matching with gold chains and a leather mini bags.


-”Punk wears Wang”

The long and smooth tails have never been so "right": shiny and with a central line, they are the most commented on the web, symbols of innocence but sexy and strong. The punk girl presented on the catwalk wears perforated tee, leather on skin, over denim shirts and black motorcycle gloves.


-The Power of Girl

There's than a 3rd Wang girl, cool and sexy in her gray male co-ordinates, confident in showing off an open white shirt with loose cuffs and totally quiet in a blazer and a turban. She often has her pants untied or sneakers under the dresses, but she looks straight ahead without ever looking back.

This show out-of-the-fashion week not only guaranteed to Collection 2 more attention and analysis, but allowed to NY a small fashion revenge. The catwalks of the Big Apple are not dying, maybe the city needs someone who awakens them, someone who represents 100% what is the real New York aesthetic. Maybe NY needed to get its Alexander Wang back.