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FILA relaunches "Magic Line" collection

Back to 1988

FILA relaunches Magic Line collection Back to 1988

If you still had any doubts about the fact that this was the year of the archival fashion, then put it aside, because FILA is ready to bring you back in 1988. The company, in fact, decided to relaunch Magic Line, the collection presented for the first time in that year he was born to pay homage to Reinhold Messner during the difficult climb of Mount K2 in 1979. Where does an evocative name come from? From the nickname given by the mountaineer, who in that enterprise wore garments of the Italian brand, to the path to the top of the "mountain without mercy".

The roughness of nature is reminiscent of angular graphics, while the reflective details wink to those found in some sportswear pieces, as well as the choice of breathable and soft materials, such as fleece. In fact, all the items of the colorful eighties collection, from trekking shoes to nylon jackets, from polo shirts to fleece trousers, were "mash-upped" with elements taken from ski clothing and reinterpreted with the help of Ollie Evans of Too Hot to satisfy current tastes. Pure vintage psychedelia that you can find already available on FILA website.