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The 10 most expensive Nike Dunk SB on StockX

Did you just said "resell price"?

The 10 most expensive Nike Dunk SB on StockX Did you just said resell price?

The resell market, which has recently become the subject of small talks and improbable media coverage, before being invaded by Yeezy and Off-White was the territory of one and only one sneaker, able to turn sneakerhead’s heads: the Nike Dunk.

Inspired by the Air Force - released three years earlier- Nike Dunk was established in 1985 as a basketball shoe but was adopted almost immediately by the skateboarding community. It will be redesigned in 2002, to make it more suitable for the needs of these new consumers. The strategy applied by Nike was winning: limited quantities, an exclusive distribution reserved for independent skate shops and collaborations with the most important skate brands. Every SB Dunk had its own story behind it, and this contributed to the creation and development of a community of shoe enthusiasts.

Sure of his imminent return we decided to explore StockX in search of the 10 most expensive Nike SB Dunk on the market.

Find out who is at the top of the chart and how much is the resell price!


#10 Nike SB Dunk Low Diamond Supply Co Yellow

Price: 2.031€


#9 Nike Dunk SB Low What the Dunk

Price: 2.254€


#8 Nike SB Dunk Low London

Price: 2.608€


#7 Nike Dunk SB Low Medicom 2 2.652€

Price: 2.652€


#6 Nike Dunk SB Low Iowa

Price: 2.946€


#5 Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster

Price: 4.861€


#4 Nike Dunk SB Low Freddy Krueger

Price: 4.861€


#3 Nike SB Dunk Low Reese Forbes Denim

Price: 4.910€


#2 Nike Dunk SB Low Staple “NYC Pigeon”

Price: 12.000€


#1 Nike Dunk SB Low Paris

Price: 15.025€