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Nike ACG 3D / Prototype 02

The new concept from Janis Sne

Nike ACG 3D / Prototype 02 The new concept from Janis Sne

In our latest nss discovers piece we shone the light on the really rather impressive designs and concepts of Latvian, Janis Sne, who is now living Amsterdam. The Solventus range was an all-female collection which beyond its amazing aesthetics also touched upon important topical issues within fashion and sustainability. Keeping an eye on his developments, we recently received the details of his latest project which is a prototype concept for Nike ACG. The Nike ACG which was brought back with the help of Acronym’s and Stone Island Shadow Project designer Errolson Hugh, though recently discontinued to the disappointment of many, and replaced by the resurrection of the original ACG pieces from the 90’s. Many have wondered if the more techwear infused ACG line would somehow live on and what form that would take, and though this prototype is still on a concept stage, the designs are the best candidate we’ve seen so far and we very much hope the echoes are heard all the way to the Nike offices, making these designs a reality. 


Being a strong believer of performance wear and Nike heritage; I decided to dedicate a second concept project towards their most technically advanced line ACG. The ‘Prototype 2’ project is a study and experimentation of sportswear functionality through fully digital 3D-design process - a reflection of today’s rapidly changing world.This project seeks a balance between the two contrasting worlds - real life versus virtual simulation of objects and its presence. My intention for this project is to explore a conceptual product that adapts to different life situations. It came through existence by following the ergonomics of the human body movements. Each garment embodies the spirit of an urban explorer - ready to survive all environments. Survivalist in the journey of the unknown.

Janis Sne


Taking on the whole ACG line, the concept consists of the definitive ACG piece, the jacket, which with its detachable tactical vest, 3M reflective details, and clean cuts is very well designed. The t-shirt, pants, tights, gloves, and headwear have all gotten extra tech touches that would be great to have field tested. Ending at the feet, Sne’s shoe design is exceptionally well done, with its rugged sock like silhouette and hidden 3M reflective pattern detailing, this range would truly be a joy to see manifested. Check out the Nike ACG 3D / Prototype 02 form Janis Sne above and start hitting up Nike to make it happen.

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