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C.P. Company dedicates its latest capsule collection to Lucio Dalla

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand founded by Massimo Osti

C.P. Company dedicates its latest capsule collection to Lucio Dalla To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand founded by Massimo Osti

C.P. Company, the brand founded in 1971 by Massimo Osti, has written a page in the history of Italian and global fashion, bringing sportswear to unprecedented technical and aesthetic levels, thanks to a unique and avant-garde aesthetic, that blends military style, the constant research in the innovation of fabrics, finding the apex in garment dyeing, a technique created by the brand. Today C.P. Company is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a series of projects, special activities and tributes to five decades of history. 

C.P. Company has dedicated the first chapter of its Anniversary Series to the unique relationship that bound Massimo Osti and Lucio Dalla, with a collection consisting of five T-shirts and a long sleeve, with original archive graphics and new artworks that pay homage to the musical genius by Dalla (on the day that would have been his birthday, March 4, that is also the title of one of his first hits, in 1971). 

The relationship that connected Lucio Dalla and C.P. Company was a story of friendship: Lucio and Massimo Osti were both part of the cultural scene of Bologna in the 70s, a place and a time where the city stood as the cultural capital of Italy, and where artists, designers, philosophers, singers and poets gathered and collaborated. Dalla and Osti themselves soon turned their friendship into a collaboration: Massimo designed the covers of Lucio's albums and Lucio wore C.P. Company on stage. A fruitful friendship, full of ideas, mutual inspirations and shared ideas, between two of the minds that marked the history of Italian costume. 

In addition to the capsule collection, C.P. Company has decided to celebrate the work of the great Italian singer-songwriter together with the Lucio Dalla Foundation, with which it has created an artist residency with students from NABA (Milan) and DAMS (Bologna). The artist residency took place at the Lucio Dalla Foundation in Bologna, a magical place that recounts the career and passions of the songwriter through his great life. During the artist residency, a documentary was made to illustrate the relationship between Massimo Osti and Lucio Dalla. The narration of their relationship is entrusted to the story of friends and personalities who lived those years of great cultural ferment in Bologna and clips taken from the archives of Massimo Osti and the Lucio Dalla Foundation. You can now watch Lucio Dalla and Massimo Osti. IMPRENDIBILI on and on the brand's YouTube channel

The exclusive capsule collection will be available on and in all C.P. Company flagship stores in Milan, Amsterdam, London, Seoul and Tokyo, from March, 4th 2021.