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The Art of Sneaker Pimping with George Rollo

Because the inspiration comes from Michelangelo or from Dragon Ball Z

The Art of Sneaker Pimping with George Rollo  Because the inspiration comes from Michelangelo or from Dragon Ball Z

The industry of sneakers and the types and kinds that exists is an art form in itself. Each one is carefully made with the intricacy of shoe design in an effort to make it’s consumer feel special and at times exclusive. However, 20 year-old artist George Rollo chooses to take the idea of sneaker art a bit further as he instead uses the shoe as his canvas. Born in Wakefield United Kingdom, Rollo first began painting at a very young age, teaching himself and honing his craft in his own bedroom. He began his studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University but eventually left after his first year due to level of traction his sneaker art was getting. From Michelangelo, to Tupac to Dragon Ball Z, Rollo has now mastered the art of personalising kicks in an even more unique way.

We sat down with the man himself to find out more about the details behind his work.

#1 When and why did you first begin to paint sneakers?

I first started around two years ago, I was just playing around and wanted to change the canvas for my paintings. The first one was so bad, but it was good to start somewhere.

#2 What was the first pair of sneakers you painted on?

I’m almost sure it was The Nike Roshe Run.

#3 How long does it take you to paint a shoe?

Some designs can take me a few hours, while some take me an entire week. It always worth spending good time on them though.

#4 What’s your favourite sneaker?

That would definitely be Virgil’s Nike series, The Jordan 1 specifically. It’s an amazing shoe, and also the Travis Scott 4’s.

#5 What’s your favourite painting that you’ve done?

The Michelangelo Creation of Adam’s hands done on the Nike Air Force 1. I painted them last year and still get emails messages everyday for them. I’m currently working on another pair which I’ll be raffling off and donating the money to charity. The one pair of sneakers you haven’t painted on yet but would to? Yeezy’s Red Octobers

#6 What inspires you the most as an artist?

Always aiming to out-do my last painting, in terms of skill and details. It’s a never-ending game which keeps you always striving for better.

#7 How and where can one purchase your work?

There’s a bit of a queue right now, and I’m slowly making my way the dm’s and emails. Most of the emails are for the Michaelangelo Air Force 1’s right now but apart from those I’ll eventually get back to everyone.