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The jewels of Glenda López are what you need

"Work In Progress" collection

 The jewels of Glenda López are what you need Work In Progress collection

The young jewelry designer Glenda López recently revealed her proposal for the current season. Using Instagram as a means of spreading the FW18 campaign, the shots have been revealed step by step since the beginning of September presenting Work In Progress, a minimal, futuristic but above all innovative collection.

The inspiration comes from the objects used in everyday life, but the geometries evoke the shapes of The Row collection, while the shots play on Burberry-Celine soft colors. Golden chains, chevalier, piercings that recall the zip-tie (indistinguishable detail of the famous The Ten by Virgil Abloh x Nike), still hoop earrings and silver bracelets.

34 pieces capable of transmitting the essence of jewelry in the purest and most authentic way.

Come and discover Work In Progress by Glenda López.