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The 5 Summer essentials of Ilaria Bigg

"Summer for me is going home wearing a pair of super cool sneakers"

The 5 Summer essentials of Ilaria Bigg Summer for me is going home wearing a pair of super cool sneakers

Summer: love or hate? 

Like every year July has suddenly arrived, bringing the heat wave, the weariness of the past months and the longing for a holiday that seems still far away. We spend our days daydreaming about a magic isolated beach, with the skin that smells of salt air and sun cream and with that carefreeness which will lead the summer nights, made of parties, fun and pure relax while sipping a Margarita. 

At the end of the day, summer is all about this: the freedom to do whatever we want however and whenever we want. Seaside or mountains, beer or mojito, bikini or one-piece swimsuit, Brazilian sound but also hip-hop. Everyone has his own idea of summer, that's why we decided to tell you about seven different ways in which some friends of nss spend the hottest months with their 5 Summer essentials

The sneakerhead Ilaria Bigg, armed with wraparound sunglasses and lip gloss, breaks the seal of the hottest season. Born in 1995 in Calabria but based in Milan, the streetwear and the sneakers are her daily bread and for this reason she is the perfect sneakers editor for nss.

Discover with us the 5 Summer essentials to spend the summer like Ilaria Bigg. 


#Where: Soverato

Home sweet home. Ilaria, sneakerhead Made in Calabria, loves to chill on the beaches near Catanzaro. Sea breeze, a light tan and the smell of home. 


#Sneakers: Nike Air Rift 

A pair of sneakers are essential also during summer. The Nike Air Rift are an absolute must have of the season: purple (of course), with a mini swoosh on the front and a Tabi style tip. 


#Item: Tribal bowling shirt

We all know that Hawaiian shirts are the season trend, but let's put this floral pattern aside for a while to opt for something a little stronger. 


#Drink: Brasilena

Let's go back to Calabria with the freshest beverage of the summer: the Brasilena. It's a coffee flavoured soda, with a strong flavor and a retro aesthetic. 


#Song: Snoop Dogg - Beautiful ft. Pharrell Williams 

Baby girl me and you is unexplainable.