Is it possible to combine fashion and environmental sustainability? Yatay, Italian footwear brand, produces shoes not only beautiful and well-crafted, but above all eco-friendly. The brand's aim is to mix luxury and high quality in accordance with the environment. Next June 11 there will be the release of two models, one high and one low, unique in their species. The sneakers will be accompanied by a special eco-friendly box, made by recycling plastic bottles.

We asked to the team behind YATAY some questions. Find out what they told us!

Interview with Yatay  Eco-friendly luxury  | Image 0

#1 Nice to meet you. What is Yatay and who’s behind this “sustainable project”?

Three years ago I realized that when I was buying a shoe, I was forced to choose between quality and sustainability, no brand was combining the two things. My brother and I decided to create Yatay to prove that Made in Italy and contemporary design could coexist, while at the same time respecting the environment. In order to make this dream come true I created, within Coronet, a research and development team. Coronet has been a leader in the production of technical fabrics for shoes for 51 years (future leathers, as we like to call them) and they had already made eco-sustainable clothes in collaboration with brands who are sensible to these subjects, such as Stella McCartney. It was a natural evolution to form a group dedicated to the creation of a material for the upper which was the best expression of sustainability, in accordance with style and craftmanship. I’m proud to say that the shoe is excellent in all its components.

#2 The name of the brand comes from the beautiful and very tall brazilian butia yatay palm tree. Was it wanted? Is it a way to communicate that you have a strong bond with the nature?

Yes, it was strongly wanted. We were looking for a name that communicated our attachment for sustainability, but at the same time it had to be short and easy to remember. The name came back also during the collaboration with One Tree Planted, an initiative for which for every shoe sold one tree is planted in parts of the world where the deforestation is making serious damages.

Interview with Yatay  Eco-friendly luxury  | Image 0
Interview with Yatay  Eco-friendly luxury  | Image 0

#3 Let’s talk about the shoes. They might appear the classic trendy sneakers, but they have something special and unique…

Our mission was to create a shoe that had the same quality – or even higher -  of the best sneakers around: this elegance, touch, comfort and sustainability wise. The real challenge was to do it through a production process that granted enviromental protection. The Yatay production process includes microfibers obtained from recycled plastic, resins from sustainable sources, exclusive use of water adhesives for organic cottons. That's why I can say that they’re definitely trendy sneakers, but they are not classic at all.

#4 Do you think it will be easy to make fashion more “green” or is it impossible due to fast fashion and the always faster pace of trends?

We believe that fashion will sooner or later become more “green”. Millenials, as well as baby boomers and Generation Z, care about this thematics, and they’re not willing to make compromises in the name of style anymore. The first proof of this tendency is the big declining in terms of popoularity of fur pieces. And we hope that the success of Yatay will be further proof. We would like fast fashion retailers to work keeping in mind natural resources and environment.

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Interview with Yatay  Eco-friendly luxury  | Image 1
Interview with Yatay  Eco-friendly luxury  | Image 0

#5 What’s next for Yatay?

We want Yatay to become a reference point in the green revolution, not only in fashion or aestethics or production, but also in the lifestyle. Our goal is to become the greatest example of what a synergy between luxury and sustainability can create.