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We've been at the presentation of GORE-TEX INFINIUM

The new GORE-TEX brand that mix quality to the high technology

We've been at the presentation of GORE-TEX INFINIUM The new GORE-TEX brand that mix quality to the high technology

Forty years after the first GORE-TEX revolution, the brand that is synonymous of performance, practicality and quality, returns to introduce features never seen before, in a new evolutionary phase that goes beyond the concept of "waterproofing".

Starting from the FW18 collection, the German brand will see the launch of its new GORE-TEX INFINIUM clothing line: a completely new proposal of glare, accessories and footwear that point a spotlight on the concept of functionality and characterized by the presence of the classic GORE-TEX logo, the Black Diamond, in a new white version.

Looking to the future, Gore will collaborate with selected partners to launch the GORE-TEX INFINIUM product line, designed for those who want to test outdoor experiences in a comfortable and protected way, in all aspects of their everyday life.

We were at the presentation of the new GORE-TEX INFINIUM label where we had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Oliver Oppermann, Global Marketing Leader of GORE-TEX. Discover with us projects, ideas and everything you need to know about the quality and the GORE-TEX revolution.


At the beginning it was not easy but it is definitely a great opportunity: through the White Diamond, symbol of GORE-TEX INFINIUM, it is possible to obtain unique benefits. Whatever product you love, for example, can now increases its performances. For example, a shoe that you can only wear during summer can now become winter-ready and therefore the same silhouette will be ready and perfect for any weather condition. A great advantage outside the impermeability: and this is the idea behind GORE-TEX INFINIUM, to improve every product and not limit ourselves.
A unique opportunity also favored by the water-proof test: the project is to provide extra details to our products.



This line is a double opportunity. Both for Black Diamond as a brand and for the GORE-TEX INFINIUM series there are several advantages that can be found in both sportswear and casual wear. It is not about an aut-aut but about being more connected with everything related to GORE-TEX. GORE-TEX INFINIUM is a preview of what the future could bring, but it is also an already available product that mixes functionality and performance.



I hope it will be used by as many brands as possible but, for next season, there will be around seventeen brands - some of which are not yet announced. In the next season we will see GORE-TEX INFINIUM collaborate with numerous brands, some of which we already have a long-standing relationship but also new entries that see GORE-TEX INFINIUM as a chance to engage in new technologies and immerse themselves in a different market.



What you will see in the upcoming seasons will be product right for the season, more focused on isolation. With Black Diamond we’ve paved the way already for the right direction also for the Spring-Summer season and GORE-TEX will be a brand wearable all-year long.

What you will see in the upcoming seasons will be producet ad hoc for the summer season, more focused on isolation and with Black Diamond we have already moved in this direction; GORE-TEX will be a brand to wear all year long.



Our consumers will be able to wear their favorite garment with a further improvement provided by GORE-TEX. It'll be something never seen before.