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Custom Sneakers: the next big thing in fashion

How artists, influencers and companies are all involved

Custom Sneakers: the next big thing in fashion How artists, influencers and companies are all involved

Custom sneakers could be the next frontier of sneaker-game.

The simple idea to reinvent and transform a pair sneaker with hand-painted designs, new fabrics or partial rework just boosted its appeal to the sneakerhead crowd in recent times. Let's clarify, customs are nothing new and they're as old as sneaker-game itself. Customs have been a thing for a few years now, since the day someone came out with the idea of modifying a preexisting model of sneakers, yet now that sneakers and streetwear appeal to a larger audience, customs are no longer relegated to sneaker nerds and maniacs.
Custom sneakers are becoming a massive trend, capable to involve an ever-growing public and cluster of artists. Social media and influencers, especially YouTube and Instagram are playing an important role in the diffusion of customs trend.

Many custom artists have managed to get a huge following, that counts hundreds of thousand Instagram users. Dominic Chambrone AKA @theshoesurgeon, for example, with his 200k followers on Instagram is one of the most important firms in sneaker customization business. He was one of the first custom artists to start promoting themselves and their work and his unique talent and taste for sneaker rework totally explain why he has become so popular. Almost no one can compare. By the way, even if Chambrone is surely one of the greatest, he is still in good company. Steven Vasiliev AKA  @zaptio The Custom Plug is a London based artist that, besides his 113k followers and a real talent in reworking sneakers, has always shown a unique capacity of feeling fashion trends and using transposing them into his work. This characteristic allowed him to build up a strong identity and personality, alongside with a recognizable style. Other good examples of custom artists making a buzz could be Paul Flores aka @sean_floresKUHV-ITKendra e Malcolm Garrett

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The link between all those artists is not just the popularity they were capable to achieve on social media but is their capacity to start a movement that is bringing sneaker customization phenomenon to an unprecedented level of worldwide notoriety. Also, Virgil Off-Campus workshops are bringing people attention to the custom sneakers phenomenon. One of the most seen sneakers during Abloh's workshops is the Nike Air Force 1.

In fact, this specific silhouette has been pushed by Nike to enter in a new golden era. Other than being involved in some of the most exclusive collaborations in recent times. The legendary Air Force 1 is the perfect sneaker to encourage customizations, especially in its classic white colorway. It can be customized in multiple ways and both beginners and veterans can find a good reason to work on this specific silhouette. For beginners, it will be easy to make some hand painted designs on it (hand paint is usually the most basic step in sneaker customization, even if it also can be brought to really high levels). Masters can reconstruct almost entirely the silhouette, featuring materials of their choice and partial reshaping of the shoe. So Nike is most likely promoting customization as a part of the re-launch of Air Force 1.

With a colossus like Nike pushing, the custom sneaker trend can nothing, but grow bigger and bigger and we will probably witness really soon how competitors will react to keep Nike from monopolizing the custom trend and relative market.

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