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Fondazione Prada launches "Belligerent Eyes | 5K Confinement"

An experimental cinema school in Venice

Fondazione Prada launches Belligerent Eyes | 5K Confinement An experimental cinema school in Venice

From May 27 to September 11 this year, the Prada Foundation in Venice houses Belligerent Eyes | 5K Confinement, a project by Luigi Alberto Cippini developed in collaboration with director Giovanni Fantoni Modena.

Far from being a static retrospective, Belligerent Eyes aims to be an experimental platform dedicated to the new generations involved in film production and visual arts.

Within the spaces of Ca' Corner della Regina, a group of intellectuals and professionals from different parts of the world, along with fifteen participants, will be engaged in a series of academic initiatives in order to redefine the future of images in movement through a study of the socio-cultural changes the industry has experienced in recent years. Every other Friday a panel discussion partially open to the public (by reservation) will show the new research lines on the economy of the image.

The experience will end in conjunction with the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, where Belligerent Eyes will promote an experimental project placed beyond the traditional paradigms of film, focusing on the mix of disciplines normally alien to the cinematographic industry.