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Glam-Trash in Rio

The Kolor art collective project

Glam-Trash in Rio The Kolor art collective project

A population of 11 million people, the Carioca live among verdant hills in front of the metropolis. They have a cultural life that is unmatched in any other place in the world, and they stand out for their beauty and a great love for life.

The art that originates in a place like this perfectly reflects these many faces and characteristics, and can only be extraordinary and absurd at the same time.

Amazing contradictions, between the glamorous society and the deepest poverty, emerge in the form of trash and fascinating images, thanks to an artistic collective called Kolor, born in 2015 as an organization of artistic events, by the will of its Franco-Hungarian founder Paul Kurucz.

The Zones project, launched by the collective, depicts apocalyptic scenes of disadvantaged society and trash glam situations: microcosms dominated by a sort of anarchy, that recall a little David Lachapelle’s bold style.

The photo project is enclosed in a theatrical and tragic aesthetic at the same time, that reaches unconventional territories of communication.