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MAARTEN BAAS Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades


MAARTEN BAAS Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades LVNomades

"The real truth is in nomadism".

Born in Germany in 1978, Maarten Baas graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2002. The following year, his exhibition "Where There's Smoke ..." at the Murray Moss gallery of New York, consecrated his distinctive style: he burns 25 classics of design then he covers them with synthetic resin to create unique handmade items.

In 2005 he associated with Bas den Herder and opened the Baas & den Herder Studio, without however losing his interest in the transformation of the forms and the change in appearance of the objects and their possible uses.

Maarten Baas has collaborated with Louis Vuitton in the creation of two objets for the Objets Nomade collection: the Beach Chair and its special edition, the Beach Chair Special Edition.

1# Beach Chair

Maarten Baas’ Beach Chair looks like an attaché case that you carry to the sea rather than the office. Once on the beach, it becomes a singular chair from which to survey the ocean in perfect comfort. The frame is covered in Maarten Baas’ trademark hand-applied resin, which not only protects the chair but also makes each one a unique object. The chair structure is based on the iconic cotton strap, ensuring safe packing in Louis Vuitton trunks and suitcases. The Beach Chair Special Edition is a strikingly vibrant version featuring a bright red frame and black woven straps.

2# Beach Chair Special Edition

An ultra-exclusive all-black version with stylish silver buckles, originally ordered as a unique piece by the designer himself, will also be on show.

Why did you agree to create an Objet Nomade for Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is a unique brand, which gives priority to quality and craftsmanship. I really believe that designers should focus on those ideas, so I was glad I could make something for Louis Vuitton.

What inspired this object and could you describe it in a few words?

I’m a furniture designer and Louis Vuitton is about travelling. So I was looking for the area where those two worlds would meet. Since my Clay furniture range, I like to literally put my fingerprints on products, and that’s also what we did with this chair. Each frame is hand-modelled, so every time it’s a unique piece. After that, the fabric is put on it, but the hand-sculpted frame, which really contains my identity, is still visible.

How did you use the workshops’ savoir-faire?

They know a lot about fabric and leather techniques; we did a lot of experimenting with stitching, buttoning, weaving and more. They have a great workshop in which any designer could play for a long time.