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Quando l'architettura del museo ruba la scena al suo contenuto

Archistar Quando l'architettura del museo ruba la scena al suo contenuto

The process of aestheticization work of art has reached levels and outcomes, over the centuries , notable :

through a thousand -plus- one ways and tricks to make eye-catching outfits , so the editors are busy , work and do research relentlessly developing new strategies ( at times, given the results , to no avail ), but above all with the same architecture the museum that houses the works and ' wonders ' varied.

Increasingly complex , monumental, and spectacular protagonist : the architecture of museums containing switches from a content itself, and all that is in it is likely to overshadow .

For architects, indeed the " surveyors " , the project of the museum is coveted , it is a turning point for his career , it is an opportunity to succeed and to show the world his signature.

Many projects have a dream of design, but a nightmare in terms of functionality and usability of spaces ; others are the product of an open and attentive architects and curators who together aim at the main prerogative of a museum or the re-programmability , which is understood in this case as an opportunity to rehabilitate the museum , from time to time , depending on the trends that are in place at certain times , and as the possibility of being able to live a fulfilling experience to the visitor , stimulating and cultural growth.



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