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Graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz

(Un)Whited Sepulchre

Graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz (Un)Whited Sepulchre

In the night between 18th and 19th November "5 Pointz" was whitewashed.

Vain the attempts to wrest the graffiti mecca to its fate; useless the events organized to save it and useless Banksy's message on his own website.

By the end of the year "5 Pointz" will be shot down by the will of the owners ( brothers Jeff and David Wolkoff ) to leave place to two surely necessary skyscrapers.

Founded in 1993 by Jonathan Cohen (aka Meres) "5 Pointz" was much more than a "gallery", much more than a living museum; the grafftiti collage had become an international reference point for the biggest street artists, as well as a historic meeting place for the writers of the City. The "genocide of street art " has been immortalized and  spread worldwide; we don't want to show you the whited sepulchre, but rather to tell you how "5 Pointz" was and how it it will never be. We want to communicate the art with the art, reminding us of those 200,000 square meters of walls crowded with inscriptions and drawings. We won't do it with words but with the shots, those of Paolo Massimo Testa, a friend and an Italian photographer who moved to NYC who, in his project "5Pointz", chooses to put in mourning the pics by posting them in black&white.