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How was the first nss meta experience

A teaser to "touch and feel" the Web 3 glossary

How was the first nss meta experience A teaser to touch and feel the Web 3 glossary

From 24 to 27 February in via Tortona 58, during the White Milano fair, the first installation of nss meta was presented, the new extension of the nss ecosystem, still under construction with the aim of expanding the magazine's editorial universe to the Metaverse. A teaser created with the technological support of WHY and the sound of composer and sound designer Philip Abussi of Mokamusic, in which, using Oculus, it was possible for visitors to immerse themselves in the new virtual reality between 3D spaces, a voice guide and a submerged library in which they could "touch with their hands" the Web 3 glossary.

Four Oculus were available to the visitors of the fair, some of whom had never worn a visor, and a QR code to be scanned to get all the basic information to understand the experience. Between amazement and scepticism, hundreds of visitors had a taste of nss' colourful Web 3, guided step by step to the discovery of a world so distant and yet so close to our daily lives. On 26 February there was also a talk centred on the theme Susteinable Metaverses, moderated by Federico Ferrazza, editor of Weird magazine, with Lorenzo Cappannari, Filippo Maria Bonifati, Gloria Maria Cappelletti and Walter D'Aprile, founder of nss, as guests in a debate on the future of fashion between technological innovations and changing times.

At a time when an increasing number of publishers have decided to rediscover paper as a medium, when brands are recovering their archives for inspiration, nss has decided to look to the future. Already with the launch of a newsletter focused on the new Web 3 technologies and the relationship between them and the world of fashion, nss has underlined its desire to investigate the contradictions and potential that virtuality can bring to everyone's daily life, aware that with social media increasingly poised between changing algorithms and an increasingly frenetic use, we are at a crucial turning point in the future of media. In the world of fashion, an authentic revolution is underway, a new time that reflects the changing needs and values of consumers and in which designers and fashion houses can act on several dimensions - virtual and physical - not only to adapt to the changing times, but to contribute to change.