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Europe is closer and closer with Lazio YOUth Card

The first Italian Youth Card of its kind

Europe is closer and closer with Lazio YOUth Card The first Italian Youth Card of its kind

Lazio was the first Italian region to launch, in early 2019, a nominal app under the name Lazio YOUth Card. The app is part of the European Youth Cards circuit, which allows 14 to 29-year-olds to enjoy a range of travel and cultural activities and facilities that are valid in 38 European countries.  The card already has a total of 2000 partners such as Alitalia, Best-Western, Trenitalia and Eurostars Hotel. The conventions with cinemas, museums and shops are already 1300. The aim is to promote sustainable and young tourism, to help make the idea of a united Europe in its culture a reality.

In Italy, Lazio was the only region to join the Youth Card circuit through LAZIOcrea at EYCA, the association that manages and coordinates the entire Card system. A move consistent with the unique historical heritage that the region has to offer and that its young inhabitants should have a way to discover in the first place. At the beginning of this summer there were already more than 18,000 members who participated in events such as opera nights, the Apparat concert at the Music Park, free entrances to the stadium and participation in events such as the Rome Film Festival. One of the most successful initiatives was the ability to travel for free for a month on all regional trains and buses.

Being able to travel and discover the culture of our continent has never been as easy as in these years. Thanks to services previously unthinkable and that technology has made possible, both in terms of real travel and in terms of digital information, moving in Europe is faster and safer than ever before. These incentives for travel and discovery represent an unprecedented opportunity to move easily and enjoy a cultural heritage that must truly belong to everyone.

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