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Santa Clarita Diet's Anatomy

All the inspiration behind the series

Santa Clarita Diet's Anatomy All the inspiration behind the series

Man cannot live on The walking dead only, zombies can also be nice. This is what happens to Sheila Hammond, Santa Clarita Diet's main character, real estate agent who suddenly, after having literally vomited blood in a high rate splatter scene, turns into a zombie. The woman no longer has a beating heart, but has never felt more alive, is always happy, full of energy and her sexual appetite is at its highest. Too bad for the insatiable appetite for human flesh. With the help of her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant), the teenage daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) and the nerd guy, the most authoritative expert on monsters & co. in the all neighborhood, Eric (Skyler Gisondo), will attempt to maintain her life normal and her secret hidden.
So in the new Netflix series the neo-zombie, played by Drew Barrymore, hunts her own meal helped by her husband in a sparkling mix of horror, splatter, comedy and surreal spirit.

Feel like: Jessica Harrison

A young woman with clothes covered with blood, devouring hearts, arms, legs, and entrails. This is the most recurring image in Santa Clarita Diet, the same focus of Jessica Harrison's art
. Scottish, Ph.D. at Edinburgh College of Art sculpture and a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, the girl realizes porcelain figurines. Her subjects? Ethel, Bridget, Francis, eighteenth-century ladies in colorful dresses with full skirts and corsets, well-groomed hair and organs out their bodies. You understand: Harrison's works aren't just beautiful statues. That women are torn, bloody, they extract the heart or intestines out of the stomach, flaunt the eyeballs or the decapitated head. They are ceramic martyrs who sacrifice themselves, they rebel to the idea of stereotypical beauty showing what happens inside them, under the skin.

Dress like: adidas by Stella McCartney

The Santa Clarita Diet costumes are by Mona May, the same who created the iconic '90s look of the film starring Alicia Silverstone Clueless. For the Netflix series clothes, set in the quiet town of Santa Clarita (Los Angeles), she studied the way the locals dress, discovering a mix she calls "between the internet and Gap, suburbia is pretty cool and current. It maybe a bit conservative and not super rich, so we had to think about that, but all the clothes have the flair of California living". May, who previously already collaborated several times with Drew Barrymore, to make the garments of the cast wardrobe starts from the idea that such a fantastical story needs the whole environment and clothing be as normal as possible. The character that reflects more the concept of ordinariness is Joel, her husband trying to keep the family together, with his button-down shirts and khaki pants. Its counterpart is the daughter Abby, a teenager with a funky style that mixes basic pieces with other vintage. And then there's Sheila. Her transition from working mom to devourer of human beings is stressed from her wardrobe. She changes and also changes what she wears. Before she chooses patterned blouses, suits, heels, vivid colors and then arrive the coldest, dark tones, black, the tighter jeans and boots. Drew Barrymore in zombie version is always a mother, a wife, a friend who goes jogging, sells homes, talks to her daughter's teachers and then goes hunting the meal with her husband, and, not to leave traces and not become coated with blood, wears transparent PVC capes that if cooler they might be part of the collection adidas by Stella McCartney.

Think like: "The Mombie"

A mom who become zombies, but continues, with humor and a bit of clumsiness, to lead her ordinary existence. In a word a "Mombie". This is also the title of the graphic novel that Abby browses with great curiosity while passing the time with her friend Eric in a comic book store. This work is not real, but there is an illustrated children's book entitled "The Mombie" realized by the hip-hop Tony "Awol One" Martin. Inside a series of short stories, written as a rap, which revolves around a strange and kind family of monsters struggling with a newborn.

Sound like: "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

When you think about music and zombies immediately comes to mind the famous Michael Jackson's video "Thriller". Its world premiere was on MTV December 2, 1983 and, directed by John Landis (at that time very popular for films Animal House and The Blues Brothers), with is 14 minutes full of dancing living dead changed the history of music videos. "Thriller" has become part of common iconography linked to zombies world, but doesn't enter on Santa Clarita Diet soundtrack. This, composed by the father-son couple John and Josh Debney, is mostly orchestral. The songs, original or not, are heterogeneous, ranging from "Moonshadow" by Cat Stevens to "Get ugly" by Jason Derulo.

Taste like: Humans

Love like: Drew Barrymore

There's something about Drew Barrymore that makes the actress irresistible. Maybe could be her long blond hair, the imperfect beauty, the oscillating weight, the 90s comedies or the awkwardness, self-irony, her being an outsider. Santa Clarita Diet and Sheila, seemingly ordinary yet wonderfully outside the box, fit Drew like perfectly.