Alberto Panocchi and Joelle Pomioli present APJPThe APJP fashion project by Alberto Panocchi and Joelle Pomioli was officially born at Milan Design Week 2019. However, the inspiration comes from a situation that unites all those who, opening the wardrobe, find themselves looking at a lack of resources and ideas.

"Everything comes from my favorite trousers that were ruined after washing in a washing machine. Joelle had the brilliant idea to make us a bleached artwork and the result was crazy. From there the basics of the APJP idea and project were born, or revive a pant, or a boss in general, who had already done his normal first-hand course"

Alberto and Joelle presented their very personal project on Friday 12 April, in the full euphoria of MDW, through a very intimate live painting performance, in which they customized white Levi's with rollers and dispensers. A spontaneous and natural artistic manifestation, which is strengthened thanks to the involuntary nature of color and gestures.

"Our laboratory is the home corridor, in which we still color our trousers. We are also experimenting with bleach, inspired by Tie-Dye techniques, but for that, we move to the bathroom. We then developed together with some washes and paints that gave a character and a soul to our project. Our identity now lies above all in giving a second life to clothes and using second-hand products and materials, so as to be able to save new productions and consequently reduce pollution resulting from fast fashion. "

At the event in Corso Garibaldi 121, at Gingarby space, APJP gathered the enthusiasm of many friends present, including good music and gin from Marche. We were there, take a look at the reportage.

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