Three days of pure adrenaline were those spent during the last Nameless festival!

From June 1st to 3rd, Barzio was awakened by the sound of one of the most anticipated festivals of the summer season, magical because it made by the guys, for the guys, involving because it is not limited to just one music genre, but embraces every type of repertoire, mixing the pure hip-hop with the electro dance rhythm, to the numerous live trap and rap performances.

Special guests, indeed, there were some of the most influential artists of the Italian trap scene, true voices of the new generation who, with energy and without hairs on the tongue, juggled on a fiery stage between hits, jumps and memorable duets. Among the most anticipated were Mr. Sfera Ebbasta, who won the podium thanks to a super hot show and a performance together with his colleague and friend DrefGold. The crowd literally went crazy.

Among the other stars we can not forget to mention Fabri Fibra, Ernia, Elettra Lamborghini, who, one after the other, took over from each other on the three stages of Nameless, alternated by VJ and DJs both international and not.

A Festival that has been able to generate emotion and involvement through small details that, only when combined together, have been able to make the difference: from the homage to Avicii, the unexpected performance of Gigi Dag, from the beloved street food to the improvised choreography between people.

All this was the Nameless festival. Are you ready to relive those moments with us?

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